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InstantRestore™ Backup Solutions

Published 6th May 2020

With our Amito cloud, you can benefit from a unique and exclusive backup service that gives unparalleled flexibility with zero impact on running services.

  • The secret to the power of InstantRestore™ is – simplicity.
  • Choose from a huge range of restore options that are fully managed.
  • Deploy any server with any OS and it is instantly covered; no extra software needed.

  • Level 3+ engineers available 24/7 by phone, web ticket and email.
  • A highly trained Amito team member assigned to help within an average of 3 minutes or less.
  • Have immediate assistance as soon as critical data restores are needed.
  • Compliance and operational assistance covered with one complete solution

Giving you peace of mind

InstantRestore™ technology is the result of more than a decade of development to perfect data protection for server infrastructure. This has been made possible through deep integration with the Amito platforms and orchestration systems. It provides full images of all servers deployed on our cloud platforms, with no additional configuration required by our clients.

  • Customise RTO and RPO with bespoke plans
  • Instant server restore with a single reboot
  • 24 x hourly onsite and 30 x daily offsite images
  • Supports any number and size of attached drives
  • Daily images held offsite for increased protection
  • Files, folders and individual database rows – instantly restored

Choose from multiple types of data restore

  • Full server restore – restore all of your disks, of any size, from onsite or offsite images, with a reboot.
  • Single disk restore – complete control over OS, app or data restores by storing them on separate disks
  • File or folder restore – have Amito staff find any files or folders you need, from any point in time
  • Disk attach – mount a point in time image to a live server and grab what you need yourself

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