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Choosing a cloud provider?

Published 2nd April 2020

Whether you’re considering a move to cloud or switching to a new provider here are the top 10 questions you need to be asking.

How quickly will you respond to a critical issue?

Our UK team of dedicated third line engineers deliver 24/7 support to our clients. With an average response time of three minutes or less, you can relax knowing that any issues you may have will be dealt with rapidly.

Is your cloud service limited to the UK?

We recognise the importance of data sovereignty and as such, you decide which of our worldwide cloud locations your infrastructure is hosted in.

What’s the Power Use Effectiveness (PUE) of your data centre?

Our flagship data centre in Reading operates at 1.12 PUE, demonstrating highly effective use of power. As a result, our data centre running costs are reduced. Operating at this level of efficiency means we are able to pass cost savings on to our clients. In comparison, a data centre operating at a higher PUE will be less efficient with power and more effected by fluctuations in power costs within the marketplace.

Who will monitor uptime of my infrastructure?

As part of our flexible approach, we offer an optional 24/7 Proactive Support and Response service. Inclusive of this service, our support team will detect and resolve critical issues before they become apparent to you. Of course, there’s still the option to monitor your infrastructure through the customer portal – whenever you want to. You’re in complete control.

Where and how can I monitor and manage my infrastructure?

Using the Amito customer portal, you can view and manage your infrastructure: any time, any place, on any device. Through the intuitive user interface, you can manage your billing, tune access rights, view power usage, control your virtual machines and more!

When and where are the backup provisions? How long will it take to restore them?

As standard, we offer 24 hourly backup within your primary site and one daily offsite backup, with a 30-day retention. This service is completely customisable – you decide how often and where. Typically, the time taken to restore data is often underestimated. Your Amito solution is supported by our very own unique technology – InstantRestore™. This technology offers you instant access to your data, significantly reducing downtime.

What are the resilience provisions for; power, connectivity, cloud compute and cloud storage?

We recognise the importance of maximum uptime for our customers and this is why we implement such a robust resilience strategy. Provisions include A+B power and connectivity feeds, plus generator backup for added reassurance. Your data on our cloud is replicated to a minimum of two storage arrays and the virtualisation tier has resilience built in with auto-healing technology.

Is your cloud solution tailored to suit me or am I tied to a particular ‘set-package’?

Your Amito solution is completely bespoke and tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Typically, fixed package deals mean you’re paying for resources you might not need or want. Our bespoke solution means you only pay for what you need – saving you money, whilst delivering you a solution that’s perfect for your requirements.

Is it possible to gain physical access to my servers? If so, how easy is it to do so?

Absolutely. Our stringent security provisions are the reason we’re able to offer unaccompanied, 24/7 access to your colocated hardware. As a bonus, access can be simply arranged and managed through the Amito customer portal.

Am I tied in to your technology solution or am I able to easily replicate the setup elsewhere in the future?

Many cloud providers require you to work in a certain way, causing ‘vendor lock-in’. The Amito solution is different. With us, everything you can do with a physical server, you can do within our cloud environment – and vice versa. In a nutshell, if you do need to deploy your solution elsewhere – there won’t be anything stopping you. Get full flexibility with an Amito solution today!

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