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What are the benefits of colocation for an organisation?

Published 1st October 2020

Businesses of all sizes are relying increasingly on colocation data centres for storing their server hardware. Colocation services give businesses a sense of security and practicality, and data centre facilities provide peace of mind for IT managers and CTOs, who perhaps have concerns about physical space for their server hardware. 

The process of colocation involves the storage of server equipment in a secure server rack, which can come in various sizes, within a data centre. The data centre staff provide the maintenance of the facility and ensure that the servers remain protected, but they do not manage the physical hardware. However, they can (if required) offer remote hands IT support.

Why Choose Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting gives businesses the option of bypassing initial investment in establishing their physical infrastructure, and building their own facilities. Instead, by ‘sharing’ the facility with a third party, organisations can also enjoy several other data centre benefits. Not to mention that the demand for using colocation facilities continues to surge, so businesses may find moving to a colocation space is preferable in the short and long term.

Choosing a colocation facility offers a flexible alternative to businesses that need an external home for their network hardware. Not only do colocation data centres store the physical hardware, but they also offer numerous other advantages pertaining to the network’s security and bandwidth, as well as ongoing costs. 

8 Benefits of Server Colocation Services

  • Reliable infrastructure

Data centres, such as Amito’s Reading Tier 3+ facility, contain the essential, valuable resources to build, deploy and maintain a solid network infrastructure to properly host and maintain enormous amounts of data. Implementing these systems in-house could exceed the IT budget for a company. The facilities, infrastructure, server racks and support systems are all well-maintained and optimised.

  • Network security

Colocation centres utilise enterprise-grade network security, whereby servers can sit in a secure rack where they are far less likely to be compromised. Amito utilise secure dark fibre connectivity, which, unlike managed fibre services, gives us added flexibility with protocols and bandwidth distribution. This means that servers can run continuously at incredibly high speeds.

  • Persistent power

Through a combination of multiple power feeds, uninterruptible power sources and multiple backup systems, servers within a colocation facility should always stay running. Companies conscious of their services being interrupted can rest easy, knowing the colocation provider will take care of that. 

  • Room for growth and expansion

As a business grows, so can its IT infrastructure. Business growth and progress shouldn’t be hampered by a lack of space; moving to a colocation data centre ensures that scalability is never an issue.. 

  • More capabilities

Storing data in-house can mean that business-critical information can be compromised easily, through power outages, office migrations or mismanaged equipment. Storing data in a protected third party environment, with 24/7 on-site availability, industrial-strength cooling and ventilation systems, optimum physical security and regular maintenance are just some of the additional capabilities that a data centre can offer.

  • Remote hands assistance

‘Remote hands’ refers to the added-value services offered by colocation providers, which can give businesses complete peace of mind. Data centre technicians can provide hands-on server maintenance and management tasks, which can be beneficial for resolving routine and emergency server issues. Amito’s engineers are third-line, so you will always have expert technical advice on hand, ready to assist whenever you need them.

  • Various rack sizes (flexibility)

A colocation service provider can offer a variety of different server rack sizes, to accommodate large amounts of server hardware. At Amito, our racks can accommodate your requirements; whether a single rack or full racks, your equipment can be stored securely in an ideal rack space for your hardware. 

Off-Premises Infrastructure (COVID-19)

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected businesses. Data centres are experiencing huge surges in colocation and cloud services due to the closure of so many business premises. Off-premises server infrastructure gives businesses some much-needed reassurance, confidence and critical support at times when they are still, in many cases, having to work remotely. 

Colocation Facilities Near Me

If you are interested in migrating your servers over to an award winning data centre, then the team at Amito would love to hear from you. We take great pride in how we deliver our scalable services, understanding your business requirements and what you need to achieve. 

We leverage our industry expertise and flexibility to offer tailored colocation solutions for our clients. We would love to do the same for you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us now. 


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