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Is a regional data centre better for your business?

Published 17th March 2021

When considering a data centre for your infrastructure needs there is a tendency to look to the inner-city hubs.  The assumption being that connectivity options will be greater, resilience will be higher and in general it’s the best place to be for your business.  With most inner-city data centres built on prime real estate, and with high rates for power, it can in fact make them a very costly option.

The last 12 months have seen a significant shift towards regional data centres in the colocation market. As more and more businesses recognise the advantages of a regional provider, and realise they don’t need to pay a premium to achieve their objectives.

Location, Location, Location

The perception that you need to house your infrastructure in the heart of a city hub in order to get optimum connectivity is simply no longer true.  Amito’s Reading data centre is a highly connected, carrier neutral facility with a diverse range of suppliers onsite. In fact, our extensive network allows us to give our customers access to over 700 carriers through our ecosystem connections.

Amito also lights its own dark fibre ring which neatly ties the 1000 rack, 6.5 MVA Reading data centre with both the Equinix Slough campus and to London Docklands.  A recent £2.5m network upgrade means the network platform offers a total capacity of up to 16Tbs per route, with latency of under 1.2ms on the most direct route from Telehouse to Reading.

Regional locations can also mean more opportunity for expansion, and having access to the space and power you need to fulfil your future growth plans is critical.   With London facilities geographically close, covering 2 main hubs, a regional data centre provides a more diverse option for disaster recovery and a much lower risk profile.

Fully supported

It can be a concern that if your data centre isn’t right on your doorstep then you could spend time and money travelling to site in order to resolve issues and carry out routine maintenance.   At Amito, our expert remote hands support means you won’t need to travel to the facility to carry out routine maintenance, checks or updates. In fact, Amito houses infrastructure for companies around the world who rarely, if ever, come to our facility, because they don’t need to.

As standard you’ll have round-the-clock access to multi skilled third-line engineers: our average response time is less than three minutes, the fastest in the industry. Along with the equipment you have in our data centre, we’ll cover any kit hosted in third party locations, so your entire estate is seamlessly supported by one central team.

For Amito customers it’s our customer portal that is a real game changer.  It provides instant visibility and control over their entire IT estate via a ‘single pane of glass’. Through this intuitive portal, customers can seamlessly manage all parts of their services and infrastructure wherever their racks and servers reside. The portal makes communicating with us fast and straightforward, via a highly efficient ticketing system and ‘live chat’ messaging. You can also use it to quickly and easily book remote hands support and arrange site access.

The cost factor

Hosting your infrastructure with a regional provider like Amito almost certainly means a far more cost-effective solution.  Our customers can choose from quarter rack, half rack or full rack options, and our vast reach allows us to provide great value, flexible services that match our customers’ requirements and budget exactly.

Designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, our data centre operates at a class-leading PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratio of 1.12, making it one of the UK’s most energy-efficient colocation sites. In fact, we won two awards last year for our PUE and the carbon savings we achieved. A low PUE means significant cost savings, which we pass on to our customers.


So, whether your deal breaker is latency, cost savings, efficiency or reliable support – a regional data centre provider like Amito really can tick all the boxes.  With excellent connectivity options and expert remote hands, your data centre doesn’t have to be in the heart of a city hub or on your doorstep. Giving you the freedom to choose a facility that is best for your business.

Talk to Amito about your data centre deal breaker.