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Choosing a data centre partner? 5 key things MSPs should consider.

Published 24th May 2021

In a crowded market, differentiating on service and support will get you noticed by customers – which is why it’s so important to trust those partners you rely on to deliver on your behalf. Arguably, one of the most fundamental third parties you need to be able to trust is your data centre partner. 

Your data centre partner is at the heart of so many of your customer offerings. Backups, virtual machines, virtual networks, hosted applications – all of it relies on a data centre partner to deliver. It’s why your choice of partner is incredibly important – choose the right partner, and you’ll be able to continue delivering your customers reliable, valuable services long into the future, and you may even be able to win bigger and better clients. Get it wrong, and you may find that your ability to provide a winning customer experience is under threat (and all your time is spent resolving issues with your data centre provider). 

So how do you choose? This blog highlights some of the key things to look for when you’re selecting a data centre partner. 

1. Are they stable? 

One of the most nerve-wracking things about working with third parties like data centre providers is that you have no control over so many things: downtime, power outages and security are all in the lap of the provider. So, you need to know that any provider you work with is a steady pair of hands. Do they offer SLAs on downtime and resolution of issues? How do they handle power outages? What security measures – both physical and digital – do they use? And most importantly, when you speak to them, what does your gut tell you? 

2. Are they responsive? 

Especially if you are looking for a strategic data centre partner to help you grow, you need to know that if something does come up you won’t be stuck on hold for an hour trying to talk to someone. Your data centre partner should be highly responsive, both to technical issues that need attention and to new customer requirements. How quickly can they implement new connections or add new racks to your package? What’s their average response time for support issues? Do they offer remote hands support you can trust?

Amito’s remote hands engineers are on on-site 24/7 and are able to resolve issues, or carry out simple maintenance, checks and updates to save you traveling to the data centre.

3. Will they scale with you? 

Responding fast to your customers’ changing needs is crucial, and feeling supported to expand your customer base and increase revenue is a must. Which means that your data centre provider needs to scale with you, whether that’s new connections to other sites, or more space in the data centre. Your data centre partner needs to be able to quickly provision additional capacity, so that you can offer that same quick turnaround to your clients. 

You could even ask about joint marketing initiatives; for example as part of our Partner Incentive Programme, Amito supports joint marketing to help our clients thrive and grow 

4. What’s their network like? 

Increasingly, organisations are looking outside London for data centre space – it’s easier to access, provides better resilience, and often means you can colocate in data centres that use the very latest technology. Does your data centre partner operate outside London? Better still, do they have locations near you – perhaps in Reading for MSPs operating in the UK’s silicon valley? 

It’s also important to ask about their connectivity between those sites. If they use dark fibre to connect their sites, you can be confident that you’ll always get high-speed access to their network. Ask too about carrier neutrality – a carrier neutral data centre partner often enables you to find better deals, and gives you the choice to work with a carrier who can meet your needs best. Top data centre partners are even willing to bring new carriers into their network if that’s what you prefer. 

5. What’s their commitment to environmental sustainability? 

Environmental sustainability is rising up the agenda of both MSPs and their customers – with good reason. Beyond the wider drive to take care of our planet, a more energy efficient data centre partner can generally offer better value for money as they spend less on maintaining and running their data centre space. Ask about PUE (power usage effectiveness), carbon footprint, and how easy it is to see your power usage – and thus carbon footprint. With an operating PUE of 1.12 Amito’s Reading data centre is one of the UK’s most efficient sites. 

Unlock your potential with Amito. 

 The right partner for your business, ultimately, is one that understands how you work, doesn’t get in the way of that, and supports you to reach your goals. 

At Amito, we are true partners to our MSP clients, and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. We understand the role of a data centre partner in helping MSPs delight clients, remain competitive against rivals, and grow. That’s why we’ve designed our purpose-built, award-winning Reading data centre to be flexible, incredibly powerful, and one of the most energy-efficient in the UK. We’re carrier neutral, and our network is powered by our own dark fibre ring which provides exceptionally strong integration with all the key London and Slough-based colocation ecosystems. Our enhanced network platform enables us to offer up to 16Tbit/s per route. So wherever you are and whatever you or your clients need, we can offer great connectivity – and we can scale effortlessly with you. 

Beyond our network, we are passionate about helping our MSPs look great in front of their clients. That includes providing remote hands support for any and every piece of equipment in our data centres with fast, and transparent communication. It also covers joint marketing efforts to support you to win new clients and grow your business. 

If you’d like to discuss our Partner Incentive Programme designed specifically for MSPs, you can talk to one of our team by calling 0118 380 0599, or emailing We’d love to hear from you!