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Is your server holding you hostage?

Published 29th March 2021

With hybrid working models due to become the norm, organisations are questioning how much office space they really need. Many businesses are choosing to embrace remote working, work from anywhere models, and flexi/shared office space as an alternative to expensive premises.

Over the last 12 months staff have transitioned to working differently and from different places, and we have adapted our ways of communicating using digital and online channels.  So, what’s stopping those businesses that want to untether themselves from their physical office space?

For many, the final step is moving their IT infrastructure off premise; this can feel difficult, confusing and risky. However, using a data centre to house your servers can release you from that legacy infrastructure that’s holding you hostage in an office you no longer need.

Here are just some of the ways a data centre can benefit your business:

  1. Reliable infrastructure

Data centres, such as Amito’s Reading Tier 3+ facility, contain the essential, valuable resources to build, deploy and maintain a solid network infrastructure to properly host and maintain enormous amounts of data. The facilities, infrastructure, server racks and support systems are all well-maintained and optimised.

  1. Security

Data centres utilise enterprise-grade network security, whereby servers can sit in a secure rack where they are far less likely to be compromised. Amito utilises secure dark fibre connectivity, which, unlike managed fibre services, gives us added flexibility with protocols and bandwidth distribution. This means that servers can run continuously at incredibly high speeds. In addition, Amito’s data centre is safeguarded by multiple layers of physical protection – including a 24/7 on-site security presence, perimeter fencing, a biometric scan entry system, HD CCTV and full access control with an audit trail.

  1. Persistent power

Through a combination of multiple power feeds, uninterruptible power sources and multiple backup systems, servers within a colocation facility should always stay running. Companies conscious of their services being interrupted can rest easy, knowing their colocation provider will take care of that.

  1. Room for growth and expansion

As a business grows, so can its IT infrastructure. Business growth and progress shouldn’t be hampered by a lack of space; moving to a colocation data centre ensures that scalability is never an issue.

  1. Superior support

A data centre will be able to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to supporting and maintaining your hardware.  Amito provides industry leading remote hands support which means you won’t need to travel to the facility to carry out routine maintenance, checks or updates.  We offer round the clock support and our average response time is less than three minutes, the fastest in the industry.

  1. Flexible rack options

Amito offer a wide range of hosting packages to suit every possible capacity and power requirement and budget. As fractional rack specialists, our clients can choose from quarter rack, half rack or full rack options, adding and removing resources as their needs change.

Managing the move

Migrating to a data centre can be a concern, but with the right provider, you can minimise business disruption, risk, and impact on customers and employees. You can opt to move your kit yourself or use an IT relocation service.  Amito’s migration service means we can manage the whole process for you, working with you to plan and execute the move, deploy the environment to your specifications and schedule, whilst providing regular progress updates. If you handle it yourself we’ll keep the lines of communication open in the run-up to moving day, prepare your racks and bring your required network up, and be ready to assist with racking, cabling and testing/verifying if needed.

If you are interested in moving your servers over to an award-winning data centre, then the team at Amito would be delighted to help you make the move to a more flexible way of working. Talk to one of our experts 0118 380 0599.