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Colocation Frustration

Published 5th March 2021

It’s rarely one single major issue or event that leads a company to become fed up with its colocation provider. Instead, disappointment tends to stem from a series of smaller frustrations that together add up to an unsatisfactory experience. Often, customers will remain with an unreliable, expensive and inefficient provider simply because the day-to-day challenges they face put them off going through the process of moving elsewhere.

At Amito, we’ve always aimed to do things better: removing the minor hassles and ironing out the wrinkles that cause frustration, and implementing the small but crucial things that add up to make a big difference.

Over the years we’ve listened to a lot of companies tell us about the ways they’ve been let down by their data centre providers. Here’s our top 5 most common frustrations that our new customers tell us they’ve experienced elsewhere:

Frustration #1: A lack of skilled support.

This means the customer needs to be more hands-on than they want to be. They spend more time and energy sweating the small stuff, travelling to and from the facility in person to carry out routine tasks, and worrying about whether things are being done properly.

Amito’s approach: In our Reading data centre we have skilled third-line engineers on site round the clock, available to provide remote hands support whenever needed. As well as quickly and efficiently taking care of tasks such as installing replacement hard drives and rebooting servers, they’re able to troubleshoot and fix issues to minimise downtime.

Frustration #2: It can be difficult to arrange access to the facility.

Of course, there are times you’ll need to have physical access to your infrastructure. While a secure access policy is essential, if the barriers are too high – for example, the procedures are onerous and up to 24 hours prior notification is required for every visitor – this can result in delays to essential maintenance, or damage relationships with customers who want to see their deployment in situ.

Amito’s approach: Our customers can quickly and easily arrange and authorise access at any time for themselves and for third-party engineers through our dedicated customer portal. They can set permissions that allow specified visitors 24/7 access without prior arrangement, and security checks can also be completed through the portal.

Frustration #3. The provider is unresponsive.

A lack of good communication leaves data centre customers in the dark. Unreliable or sporadic contact means they have to wait for answers to critical questions, and creates delays in getting changes made and issues resolved. This has an impact on the business itself, and in some cases impairs the company’s ability to respond to its own customers’ requests and needs.

Amito’s approach: Our customer portal makes communication possible 24/7 via a real-time messaging function, and an easy-to-use ticketing system. We always respond quickly, normally within a few minutes. Streamlined processes mean that if you request updates or changes – including more space, power or bandwidth – turnaround normally takes less than 24 hours.

Frustration #4: We don’t have visibility of our service.

Lack of visibility means a lack of control. Even if you prefer to be hands-off, you need to be able to see your environment, and monitor key aspects of your service such as power usage and performance.

Amito’s approach: Through Amito’s portal, customers can obtain instant updates and data from across their entire deployment and network, wherever their infrastructure is hosted – including third-party data centres. Via one single ‘pane of glass’, they can view live bandwidth graphs, real-time power usage stats and a full list of cross-connects.

Frustration #5: Confusing billing.

Being transparent and straightforward around costs is crucial. If bills are unclear or difficult to decipher, this hides inefficiencies and errors, and makes it hard to budget and to understand ROI. Time is wasted checking invoices, requesting credits and then chasing for action.

Amito’s approach: Our customers can view detailed, itemised bills for every aspect of their service via our portal, to see exactly where their money is going. And we’re always happy to discuss where changes can be made to improve value for money. Billing is automated so there’s much less chance of error. Costs are directly attached to services and the tickets requesting them, making it easy to check the original communication.

 A positive, high quality colocation experience will bring time and cost savings, and reduce the stress that comes from needing to micro-manage a provider who should be easing your burden, not adding to it. It also helps businesses look after their own clients – improving their ability to meet expectations, create trust, and build strong, long-term relationships.

Our most recent mission is taking the stress out of migrating to a new data centre – another area which can be fraught with frustration. Download our Migration Checklist, or contact our team to discuss your move.