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Vitanium boosts clients’ resilience with ‘bulletproof’ backups

Published 26th May 2021

Demand for secure data backup services has soared in recent years. Hosting its platform in Amito’s Reading data centre has enabled cloud services provider Vitanium to take full advantage of the growing market, by quickly bringing high quality, reliable, innovative cloud-based solutions to market.

The brief

The importance of secure data backups has increased as regulations have tightened and cyber-threats have escalated, most notably ransomware. Businesses need to strengthen their governance, and also their resilience: the ability to cope with and recover from disruption. Having a totally secure and reliable off-site backup solution is vital to protecting critical data, and ensuring it can be quickly restored if an incident occurs.

Vitanium is an ISO-certified specialist provider of backup and security services. The company has run data protection services since 2003, beginning with email filtering and hosted mailboxes. It then advanced into cloud backup as virtual solutions started to take off, delivering its service via dedicated servers colocated in UK-based data centres. As it expanded its offering, Vitanium looked for a new data centre, with location and cost being prime considerations.

“London data centres can be expensive and difficult to get to,” says Paul Houselander, Vitanium’s technical director. “We can get to Reading – where Amito’s data centre is – in an hour and a half, however we are able to rely on Amito’s remote hands team who we trust to get the job done. We were also keen to reduce costs, and found Amito’s proposition very good value for money.”

Perhaps more importantly, Paul and his team wanted a provider with the capabilities to support the company’s major ambitions for the future.

The demand for cloud-based backups continued growing, as the remote working trend accelerated and more enterprises moved away from on-premise file systems. Vitanium had identified a new high-growth area: object storage, which enables enterprises to archive, store and back-up large amounts of unstructured data efficiently and cost-effectively. It would need the right facility to host the platform for delivering this new ‘flagship’ service.

The solution

Vitanium moved into Amito’s data centre in 2017, and Paul Houselander notes a positive early experience of the high levels of support and expertise he’s now come to expect. “We didn’t need a lot of help with the migration, but the team was very helpful with the networking setup,” he remembers. “We had a conversation with the tech guys in advance which meant when we got there we already knew exactly what was plugging into where, and where IP would be routed.”

The team decided to start out with half a rack, to evaluate the quality of Amito’s service, and assess its suitability as a ‘home’ for delivering primary front-end services. Paul explains: “As a new provider, we needed to build our confidence in Amito’s capabilities, so initially we tested things out by installing equipment used to run secondary, non-customer facing services. We’d been burnt a few times before, and kept thinking ‘there’s got to be a short-cut somewhere’! But no – the service was very good.”

Vitanium quickly appreciated the value of the Amito customer portal, which acts as a real-time communications interface with the team, as well as providing visibility into every aspect of its service.

“The engineers are very responsive; sometimes we’d raise a ticket at 11pm – not because we expected it to be dealt with then, but because we’d just thought of something! – and always got a reply in five minutes. The portal has been a big plus point for us. It’s really simple, but gives us all the information we need: power usage, network performance, historical tickets and billing.”

The Amito team also helped with problem solving. One challenge Paul faced in the early days was the need to apply bandwidth limiting. “We were maxing out,” he says. “We tried to limit it from our system, but were having problems. Amito offered to set a limit at their level, which meant we just didn’t have to worry about it. We upped it a few times, and have now removed it entirely.”

With Amito having proved its mettle, Vitanium gradually ramped up its presence over the years, and started to deliver primary customer-facing services from the facility – including, most recently, its core object storage offering.

“We’d invested loads in the platform, and we needed to have full confidence in the data centre we ran it from. We got that with Amito. Out of the various data centres we could have used, we chose Amito, which shows the faith and the level of trust we have in the business.”

The company upgraded to a full rack at the start of 2021, comprising a number of servers and large storage arrays. Again, Amito’s flexibility made the move pain-free – including on the financial front. “We wanted to keep both racks running side by side for a short time to avoid any problems,” Paul says. “Amito lowered the notice period on the half rack to allow us to make sure everything was running properly before we switched, without incurring excessive costs.”

Vitanium’s plans for the future include a partnership with cloud platform provider Zadara to deliver an innovative Edge computing storage solution, and expanding its email archiving solution for organisations in highly regulated industries including finance and healthcare. Both of these initiatives will be delivered through Amito’s data centre.

The outcomes

Vitanium has achieved its ambition of being a ‘storage as a service’ provider. The flexibility and capacity provided by Amito enables it to offer a broad variety of services to suit different needs, from small scale file and folder backups through to large heavily virtualised environments.

Speed to market – the company beat its target date for getting the object storage platform ready for customers by three months, allowing it to quickly access a profitable new revenue stream.

Complete confidence – Amito’s reliability and expertise means Vitanium can be certain of its ability to deliver primary front-end backup services to demanding customers.

Ability to attract new customers – with innovative backup services targeted at specific business requirements and challenges.



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