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Redstor delivers on ‘no downtime’ promise for data clients

Published 11th January 2021

Cloud data management provider Redstor handles more than 100 million data restores every year. Expanding into Amito’s colocation centre enables it to effectively manage, control and safeguard fragmented data on behalf of thousands of clients globally.

The brief

Responsible for managing and protecting the critical data of more than 40,000 organisations, Redstor had several requirements from a colocation solution that were ‘deal-breakers’. Its service includes backup and recovery, disaster recovery and archiving, and provides customers with a unified view of their data. The company’s InstantDataTM technology streams the data that users need on demand, which requires 100% uptime.

Redstor was searching for a high capability colocation facility near to its HQ, which would guarantee total reliability and enable it to provide a frictionless service to clients. The business also needed a solution that would keep costs manageable, and offer the enhanced security controls required to gain vital industry accreditations.

The solution

Amito’s hosting solution met Redstor’s strict criteria. With its Reading data centre less than two miles from the company’s head office, the facility ticks the ‘local’ box. It also offers the very highest levels of advanced security provisions, from iris recognition scanning to 24/7 CCTV and monitoring. Above standard 2N redundancy provision means Redstor can have complete confidence in the resilience of data backups and the speed of the recovery process.

The initial infrastructure implementation was rapid and straightforward. Amito’s superior connectivity, plus its extensive network of 20 linked data centres – including key interconnection points in Slough and London – enabled fast deployment of multiple high capacity connections into Redstor’s existing facilities. Exceptional reliability enables the company to keep its promise to provide clients with on-demand access to their information.

Alongside the technical benefits of partnering with Amito, Redstor values the professional and personal remote hands assistance provided by its expert on-site support team.

Dan Franklin, Redstor’s Senior Technical Consultant, says:

“We’ve always found Amito’s engineers responsive and capable in dealing with our requests – typically for tasks such as receipts for goods delivered, help with racking servers, and troubleshooting issues with our hosted infrastructure. They’ve proven very knowledgeable, and are always willing to help with anything related to our network and infrastructure. We’ve been able to reduce the time our own staff spend on site for these purposes.”

Dan also highlights the ease-of-use of Amito’s customer portal, which enables the company to access 24/7 remote support as well as obtain frequent service updates.

“Amito’s portal gives us full visibility of all aspects of our colocation services, and our entire network,” he adds. “This makes it simple to monitor clients’ data assets through one single, reliable user interface. We can also arrange access to the facility when we need it – something which can be a bit of a barrier with other providers!”

The flexibility of Amito’s solution has helped Redstor with modelling costs, as well as making it easy to change the size of its footprint as the business expands or evolves its infrastructure.

“They’re able to provision extra racks very quickly,” explains Dan. “We’ve also been able to make a recent change which involved consolidating the data we manage onto higher density storage, giving us a smaller and more efficient footprint; we expect to grow this again over the next year.”

The outcomes

No downtime for clients – Redstor is able to restore all data easily and instantly, from everywhere to anywhere.

Immediate access to data – customers can get their hands on the information they need when they need it, including data that’s been archived.

Centralised control and visibility over thousands of data assets – via Amito’s unique customer portal.

 Space savings – hosting infrastructure in Amito’s data centre has freed up room to accommodate a new office expansion.


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