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Opticore “untethers” itself from the office

Published 18th March 2021

With hybrid working models due to become the norm, many organisations are questioning how much office space they really need. Through migrating its Compute, Development and secure access  environments to Amito’s Reading data centre, Opticore has been able to optimise the use of its physical offices, while giving its staff and customers fast, flexible access to cloud resources – wherever they are.

London-based IT consultancy Opticore designs, builds and supports reliable bespoke network solutions for clients in demanding sectors including banking, media, insurance, healthcare and telecoms. A key and growing part of its service involves helping customers to define their cloud strategies, ensuring their adoption of cloud is seamless and commercially effective.

Opticore’s on-premise infrastructure was taking up valuable space, and consuming a lot of power, while the onus was entirely on technical director Richard Greville and his team to ensure continued compliance with legislation such as ISO27001. Continuing to host the environment on site would also create complexity if the business decided to relocate, making it necessary to move all of the network links for example.

The en masse shift to remote working gave the business the opportunity to rethink its approach. “Our equipment is used across the business to access cloud resources – by the engineering teams, within our lab environment, and to give customer demonstrations for example,” explains Richard Greville.

“All of our staff now work remotely at least part of the time, so we decided we wanted to unlock ourselves from the office. We began looking for a highly secure off-site colocation solution that would mean we were less bound to the physical office – and that would enable all of us to access cloud services via a single location.”

The solution

Amito’s Reading data centre gives Opticore a secure hosting location for its infrastructure, with an access point into the wider cloud environment – furnishing the flexibility to choose from a number of different cloud providers. This was critically important to Opticore, opening up the ability to select the most appropriate provider depending on requirements.

“We wanted an unusual level of flexibility in terms of network connectivity,” says Richard Greville. “Amito was able to provide a different solution that we wouldn’t have got anywhere else.”

The team also appreciated the flexibility Amito offered them in terms of rack space and the pricing of the solution. It started with a quarter rack – confident that it will be able to increase this as the business grows. Richard continues: “Amito never tried to squeeze us – they gave the best options to help us make the right decisions, and didn’t quote us an ‘off the shelf’ price either.”

While Opticore executed the migration itself, Richard found the support provided by Amito made the process really slick.

“The way the engineering team and support desk engaged with us was great,” he says, “they knew what they were doing, and how to speak to us, and that made deployment really easy. The information provided upfront was clear and concise, and the provisioning was super smooth. This allowed us to get it all done in one hit. The proof of the pudding was that we went in, and left just two hours later.”

The team appreciates how Amito balances ease of access to the facility with multi-layered security controls. “We can arrange visits in a really simple straightforward way via the customer web portal, but controls such as retina scan technology means no-one gets in that shouldn’t be there,” Richard Greville points out. “There’s no waiting around, like there is with many other colos – and there’s always a parking space!”

Since moving in, Opticore has noted a number of ‘small things’ that add up to make Amito easy to work with. Richard highlights:

“Once we’re in and need to get to work, with other data centres we used to have to wait an hour to get on a monitor, but Amito has workstations on wheels that are always available. That’s a standout thing for me. I also like that we don’t need to pick up the phone to speak to someone – we can just send a message via the portal and it’s dealt with quickly.”

The outcomes

Increased flexibility and agility. Colocating its infrastructure with Amito allows Opticore’s entire workforce – and its customers – to access the cloud services they need from anywhere in the world.

Greater business development opportunities. Being ‘unbound’ from a physical site makes it possible for Opticore to expand its footprint as necessary to take advantage of opportunities.

 “We can get more space when we need it, as well as ramp up power and bandwidth to speed things up. This has already allowed us to increase lab environment, and helps us to increase the uptake of cloud technology among our clients.”

100% uptime achieved. Amito’s robust, resilient solution enables Opticore to deliver world class services to its customers – building trust and loyalty.

 Instant visibility of all networks, connections and services. The customer portal puts all the information the Opticore team needs at its fingertips, which it finds really valuable.

Optimised office space. “Having our servers hosted offsite has done wonders for the office – it’s really changed the feel of the space,” says Richard Greville. “There’s more collaboration, and it’s become a ‘drop in’ point where engineers can come for a change of scenery.”





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