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Part-rack colo option allows ISS to combine quality with affordability

Published 12th February 2021

ISS’s colocation needs were smaller than many companies’, but it needed a high-quality solution to serve the customers which rely on its virtual office solutions. As a fractional rack specialist, moving to Amito’s data centre has enabled ISS to achieve value for money without compromising on its requirements.

 The brief

ISS provides a range of IT support services to small businesses in the south-east. While its data centre colocation requirements are currently small, it is vital that ISS can guarantee reliable, secure and scalable services to its customers.

The company had used a colocation data centre in London, but getting access to site when necessary had proved difficult. Meanwhile the lack of smaller rack options meant ISS had to find another business to share a cabinet with, in order to make it affordable. The two companies were also tied into the same contract.

“We wanted to have our own space, for our own stuff, on our own terms,” says Director of ISS, Anthony Goold. “We also wanted our kit somewhere it would be easier to get our hands on it.”

Amito offers its clients a flexible choice of quarter rack, half rack or full rack options, allowing clients to add and remove resources as requirements change. Anthony felt that migrating to Amito’s Reading data centre made perfect sense.

The solution

ISS deployed its infrastructure to Amito’s facility in early 2020, taking two quarter racks in two cabinets located in separate data halls. “Selling part-racks is genius,” says Anthony. “You just don’t get that anywhere else. You either buy a full rack, go in with someone else, or nothing.”

ISS’s customers know exactly where their data is held, and that it hasn’t left the UK shores – something that’s become essential since the arrival of GDPR. This wouldn’t be guaranteed with cloud services from the likes of AWS or Azure, for instance.

Anthony appreciates the fact that his team can get access to their infrastructure whenever required, but when they need assistance “it’s easy to find someone to help”.

ISS also takes advantage of Amito’s remote hands capability, which is easy to arrange through the dedicated customer portal.

“The ticketing system is so easy,” says Anthony. “The experts are approachable, and always answer quickly. I know that if we call they’ll respond and take the matter seriously. We especially love the fact that we can get stuff shipped to the site and Amito will rack it and plug it in for us.”

ISS has complete confidence that it will be able to grow its footprint as demand for its hosting services increases. Anthony has already seen evidence of permanent shifts in the way businesses are working, with two clients having closed their physical offices in the last few months to move to an entirely virtual environment.

The outcomes


Greater agility – when its customers are ready to grow, ISS can quickly and cost-effectively expand their IT to meet their needs.

Exceptional reliability – since moving in ISS has never experienced a power outage or interruption to connectivity, which means its clients have had 100% service availability.

Autonomy balanced with support – ISS has full control over its environment and contract, with help always on hand when it’s required.

Increased client trust – ISS’s customers have the assurance that their data is protected and stored in a secure UK-based environment.

“Everything about Amito feels modern, from the design of the data centre to the agile service that you get when logging a ticket – we are more than impressed.”

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