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Being ‘light on its feet’ helps Datagraphic compete with big names

Published 26th March 2021

When Datagraphic’s existing data centre provider announced it was relocating, the team took the opportunity to move to Amito’s Reading facility, which has enabled it to improve efficiency and take the company forward.

The brief

Document automation specialist Datagraphic provides an employee communications application for many of the UK’s leading organisations. It’s essential for the relationship between an employer and its staff that payroll, pension and HR information is sent out on time, and personal details are kept confidential. When the company’s existing hosting provider announced it would be relocating to a new site, Datagraphic’s IT team took the opportunity to review their hosting arrangements and make some changes.

“We already had some servers colocated in Amito’s Reading data centre”, says Datagraphic’s Chief Information Security Officer, Mike Green. “Myself and our IT team have always been very impressed with what Amito offer. So, on reviewing Amito alongside other suppliers, based on our infrastructure requirements as well as the high standards of confidentiality and service availability that our clients need, it was an obvious choice to work more closely with Amito”.

Keen to source the right solution and deploy it quickly, the team came to Amito with a tight timeline. It would be a big push to execute the migration on schedule.

The solution

Amito provided hands-on support to help Datagraphic get set up, undertaking a structured discovery process to understand the nature of the business, exactly what the company needed, and any problems it had been experiencing. This enabled Amito to present back a complete migration and hosting solution.

“The quality of the solution proposed meant there was a level of trust there right from the start,” says Mike Green. “They moved so quickly – this was during lockdown, and we weren’t expecting things to happen so fast! The tech support is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best we’ve ever had; we were blown away by the level of professionalism of the guys on the service team.”

Datagraphic was particularly impressed by how Amito responded to its queries. This included support with providing confident answers to thorny questions about security from clients, who demand rigorous evaluation and assessment of the security measures taken by both Datagraphic and its suppliers.

Mike Green says: “We were impressed with the speed at which the due diligence information came back – including clearly defined controls, from both an organisational and technical information security perspective. Amito provided a high volume of good quality info that enabled us to create the necessary documents, with each section addressed from Amito’s perspective as well as ours.”  The Datagraphic team also found the communication exceptional, with Amito giving updates several times a day on how the build was going.

The majority of the build and set-up was completed inside of three months. “We appreciated the speed, as new business queries from clients had picked up,” explains Karensa Maton, Head of Products. “Any changes on our side affect our business, but also our clients. Amito’s efficiency and high levels of tech support enabled us to minimise disruption and continue to provide a high-quality service.”

In the final testing stage, ahead of go-live, Datagraphic was delighted to see everything show green straight off the bat.

“It all worked!” says Mike Green. “We did our own performance analysis, and the result was very favourable. We expected some red performance, but there wasn’t any. For everything to work straight away…that’s very unusual.”

Following completion, Datagraphic has been pleased with the out-of-hours support it receives from Amito’s team. Mike Green explains: “The tech team will perform maintenance and upgrades on our behalf, on a predefined schedule, which takes the burden off us. This is something we’ve not got from other providers.

“The levels of service Amito has shown right from the beginning are exceptional.”

The outcomes

Faster provisioning when clients want to go live. New servers can be set up in a matter of minutes, compared with an average wait of 24-48 hours after raising a ticket with Datagraphic’s previous provider. This gives the company an edge over its rivals.

“We’re lighter on our feet!” says Karensa Maton. “There’s been a massive improvement in speed, with a much quicker turnaround if a client wants a dedicated server or more space, for example. In payroll, everything is on a deadline. Being more responsive to clients’ needs helps us strengthen existing relationships, as well as win business. We have an advantage over other providers we’re up against, who can’t move as quickly.”

Oversight of the entire infrastructure. Amito’s in-house developed client portal gives Datagraphic visibility of its whole environment and keeps communication between technical teams in one place, giving it an audit trail for reporting against security obligations.

Ability to take on bigger contracts. Datagraphic has the flexibility to scale and grow its infrastructure, power and capacity to meet the needs of larger clients.

“We have clients coming on board, who need to process 100,000 payslips in one hit,” explains Karensa Maton. “We have the confidence to know we can take them on.”

Streamlined support. Datagraphic estimates that response times have halved since moving to Amito’s data centre – from an average of two hours to less than one.

Karensa Maton concludes, “With Amito, it’s a more personal relationship. We can ask more questions and get faster responses. In addition to making us more agile, this allows us to focus on business development.”

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