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CJAZ boosts recurring revenue by meeting clients’ diverse needs

Published 15th April 2021

As businesses re-evaluate their working models and office space following the pandemic, many are seeking to securely host their infrastructure offsite. Amito’s colocation service enables CJAZ Consulting – a north London-based MSP – to offer its clients a cost-effective hosting solution, with the flexibility to grow its footprint as demand rises.

The brief

As a provider of managed IT support services, CJAZ Consulting aims to give its clients complete peace of mind when it comes to their IT. For the clients, most of which are SMEs, this means leaving everything in their provider’s capable hands: they give the team a requirement and a budget, and CJAZ recommends the solution.

With many clients closing offices and moving to remote or decentralised working, demand was increasing for secure off-site hosting solutions that would obviate the need to house kit on-premise. While some businesses prefer to move their operations to the cloud, this isn’t the right approach for everyone.

Nick Zimaras, director of CJAZ Consulting, explains: “Anyone can buy cloud power from the likes of AWS, but this can get very expensive over time – the more data and users you have, the more storage you need. If this is a concern, and the business has a physical server on site, it makes sense to simply put that somewhere else it can be accessed remotely.”

When the contract with its existing London-based colocation provider was up for renewal, Nick and his team took the opportunity to explore more suitable and cost-effective colocation options. They decided to move into Amito’s Tier 3 data centre in Reading, where CJAZ was already leasing some rack space.

The solution

CJAZ now houses four clients at Amito’s facility, all with differing needs. One uses it as a central access point via which its entire dispersed workforce can connect to services, resources and data. Another made the strategic decision to close its main office, and relocate a critical NAS (network attached storage) drive, which contains data that all employees need to access, to Amito’s site.

The provider also hosts some of its own infrastructure at Amito’s facility, which it uses to monitor all of its clients’ installations as well as network access to the rack. Since moving in, it has taken the opportunity to create a test environment within the facility, which allows it to test systems without having to use clients’ own, live equipment.

The CJAZ team found the migration process and set up straightforward, and Nick points out that they’ve rarely needed to set foot inside the door since installation day.

“We don’t get over to the data centre often – we don’t need to – but it’s not a big deal to get there if we do, and arranging access is easy,” he says. “We use Amito’s remote hands support a lot. If there’s a hardware failure, or we need to install a memory kit, we just get the stuff shipped, tell them what we’ve got, and they do exactly what we ask in terms of implementation. It works very well.”

Nick also finds Amito’s comprehensive online customer portal a valuable tool.

“We can submit support tickets via the platform, and the response is always good; even during Covid everything has been done within a rapid turnaround. Being able to see all our stats is also really useful – in particular throughput stats, so we can check how much data we’re using and whether we’re going over. It helps us keep on budget.”

The outcomes

Increased recurring revenue – being able to offer clients colocation space as an alternative to cloud services provides an additional predictable, stable revenue stream.

Client retention – CJAZ’s links with a world class third-party data centre means clients don’t need to look elsewhere for a high-quality hosting solution.

Scalability and flexibility – clients value the ability to expand or change their set-up if they need more space or a different configuration.

Reduced risk – building a test environment allows CJAZ to execute testing safely, with no impact on clients’ live equipment, by replicating their infrastructure and set-up.


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